Jeremy Folds



Another Geohappenings: React.js

Rewrite of Geohappenings, with React and webpack


Another Geohappenings: Ampersand.js with Zurb Foundation

Rewrite of Geohappenings, with Foundation and Ampersand.js + Gulp, etc...

Go Code Colorado - Flow

Built the front-end code for a native application with Ionic.

Ohio Department of Transportation Portal

An upgrade from an old Flex viewer application for the Ohio DOT. This is a project I worked on with DTS Agile.


Colorado Bicycle and Byways Map

A responsive interactive map application I worked on for the Colorado Department of Transportation. This is a project I worked on with DTS Agile.

GeoHappenings :: Angular Edition

In order to aquaint myself with Angular for an upcoming project, I "ported" the GeoHappenings application from Backbone/ESRI JS to Angular/Leaflet

Go Code Colorado - LocalSage

Helped build front-end for a web application meant to help businesses with choosing a site location.


A mobile first responsive web application that took first place in the esri DevSummit 100 lines or less JavaScript app challenge.


U.S. Out Migration Visualization

A project created for a geovisualization class at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs which displays outward migration data from state to state for the continental U.S. for years 2005 - 2010.


Garden of the Gods Map :: United States Population Animation :: El Paso County, Colorado Geohazards Map

Some applications built for the Geography department at UCCS. A interactive map of Garden of the Gods, an animation of state population data since 1790, and a geohazard information map for El Paso county Colorado.